Roger Corman, RIP

Reading through this NY TImes obit of exploitation director Roger Corman, I was struck by how many of the films mentioned I have seen: “The Wild Angels,” “The Trip” (a cautionary tale about LSD starring Jack Nicholson), “The Intruder” (a cautionary tale about racist demagogues starring Bill Shatner), “The Little Shop of Horrors”, “A Bucket of Blood” (my favorite of Corman’s), and several more.

In 1990 or so, I moved to Los Angeles and saw that a local comic shop was doing screenings of Roger Corman movies. I saw “It Conquered the World” which was introduced by the lead actress, Beverly Garland. It was a pretty entertaining movie.

At some later point, I read Corman’s autobiography. The main section I recall is his admission that he would put a scene of a helicopter exploding in the trailer for a movie, even though the scene was not in the film. When someone called him on it, he replied with something like, “by the point the audience figures that out, they’ve already bought their ticket.”

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