The horror of the first blog post

I can think of no greater horror than the sensation that comes when confronted with writing the first post in a newly christened blog. What should I say? Will I be judged harshly for my meager words? Will this blog, like tens of millions before it, be abandoned?

As I contemplate these concerns, my heartbeat thrums in my temples, ice crawls through my veins.

But those are horror clichés right out of the gate, aren’t they? A thrumming heartbeat? Icy veins? C’mon, on Forbis, you can do better! You MUST do better!

Still, there’s a reason those classic phrases never die.

But to return to the questions floating in the background… What is the purpose of this blog? What will it feature?

I’m not quite sure. Perhaps a few short stories. Perhaps some comic style horror art. Most certainly updates on my writing projects.

For now, all I’ll do is invite you to grab a copy of my 10k short story, Too Many Cats, in exchange for your signup on my mailing list. You can do this by going here.

Yours in horror,

Wil Forbis

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