All my thoughts on “Everything Everywhere All at Once” (all at once)

I finally watched last year’s best pic Oscar winner, ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once.’

My thoughts as I viewed it were that I was seeing the product of true geniuses (it had two directors) who possessed a deep understanding of the power of cinema and the innovative ways symbols and visuals can be mined for a variety of meanings.

I also thought it was mind-numbingly boring. Almost excruciating to watch, really. I felt no engagement these characters or the many dramas of their lives. (“Lives” in both the plural and multi-universal sense which will make sense if you’ve seen the movie.)

I genuinely tip my hat to the skill necessary to make such a film, and I’m sure there were many levels to it I missed in a single viewing. But I have no desire to rewatch it and will probably avoid the work of these two directors for the rest of my life.

It’s interesting that something can succeed and fail so epically at the same time.

But maybe I’m just a philistine. The Academy clearly loved it.

I will add that I’m happy to see Ke Huy Quan earn a comeback with this movie and I hope he pulls a Post-“Pulp Fiction” John Travolta success story from this renewed interest.

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